5 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be A Writer Today

Dysfunctional Literacy

He’s grinning because he hasn’t noticed any of his mistakes yet. (image via wikimedia) He’s grinning because he hasn’t noticed any of his mistakes yet. (image via wikimedia)

It’s easy for most writers to be negative.   It’s tough to make enough money to earn a living.   We’re never satisfied with what we’ve written.  No matter how many people read and respond to our work, it’s never enough.  But even with these challenges, it’s better to be a writer today than it’s ever been.

1. Writing is physically easier than it’s ever been.

Authors used to have to physically hold a pencil or a pen and physically write out each word on a sheet of paper.  Even worse, back in the really old days, writers had to dip quills into ink and then got beaten by monks if they made a mistake.

I’m not sure that ever really happened because there’s no ancient video footage of monks beating writers who made mistakes.  If there’s no…

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Into the jungle

green world 1As the gloomy days stretched on, I moved from my journal and making postcards on recycled oatmeal boxes, to a small canvas…expanding on the plants and elements of the previous two, I painted these two fantasy jungle scenes, using plants and details both real and imagined.

DSC_0198They match up to form a bigger picture.

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UDUSOK Admission List 2014/2015 Out putme.udusok.edu.ng

How To Check UDUSOK Admission List 2014/2015

You can check your admission status by following the simple steps below:

1. Go to the admission status checker by folowing the link: http://putme.udusok.edu.ng 

2. Insert Your Jamb Reg. No in the space provided,

3. Click Check Admission Now to know your status.

Candidates who deferred their admissions should click on the ‘Deferment Candidate’ below to check their admissions status.

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Question of the day………

A girl is dating three guys, on one faithful day she decided to buy a pair of shoe.

She  collected 10 bucks each adding up to 30 bucks from the three guys, on getting to the market the shoe was sold for her for 25 bucks.

She decided to return 1 bucks each for the guys why she is left with 2 bucks.

if we decided to add the money together it will be 27 bucks.The total money the guys gave her now is 27 bucks with the 1 bucks left with her making 29 bucks.

Where is the remaining 1 bucks  ???????????


UNILAG Set To Open Campus TV Station

Officials of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) last week visited the institution’s Department of Mass Communication to inspect digital equipment acquired by the school to operate the station.

The inspection process ended with the NBC officials expressing confidence in the department’s capacity to manage the television station.

The Acting HOD, Dr Abigael Ogwezzy-Ndisika, expressed optimism that the department would be licensed to operate the station.

She said: “The issue of licensing is concluded. From what we heard from the team that came to assess the facilities, it is obvious that the department stands out. Our students too are on top of their game. We are currently a UNESCO-rated centre of excellence, and we are working on moving to distinction. We have the first radio station in Nigeria and we are also being licensed for the first television station in the country.”

She praised Prof Ralph Akinfeleye for making great efforts in the licensing bid.